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Finding a cleaner

Whether you need to hire a cleaner for a regular cleaning service or just to tackle one large mess, you need to know that your hire is both capable and completely trustworthy. The Plentific website can quickly generate a list of the best cleaners in your local area, each of which will also have a Plentific profile displaying their qualifications, reviews and past projects. By hiring a 'verified' Pro you will also get your project protected with the Plentific Guarantee, which will cover the job from start to finish. 

The nature of the work means this needs to be a very trusting relationship as cleaners come into contact with personal belongings and furnishings. You may also choose, for convenience, to grant them access to your home to work while you are out. In order for you to feel comfortable with this, you need a background-checked cleaner and to have the same person visiting each time.

What do you need to know about finding a local cleaner?

The first consideration for selecting a local cleaner is to think what the focus is for your service. The nature of the cleaning dictates the pricing and so it’s really important to think about what you want to achieve. Your cleaner could achieve spring-clean levels of hygiene in your home on a regular basis, be the saving grace at the end of a tenancy and the professional service that increases the value of your home.

Cleaning services are tiered by frequency and length and this is shaped by the depth of the task. If this is a service to alleviate housework and keep your home looking to a high standard - do all rooms require the same level of work? Consider how many rooms you want cleaning and, if any, how many do not require the service. Think about how quickly your house can get untidy or to a standard that you are unhappy with and use this information to decide how frequently you would like your cleaner to visit.

You also need to think about what your routine has been up until now - how do you like things done? You might have a particular technique that you would like to see mirrored by your cleaner. This extends to products - often cleaners will have their own toolkit of cleaning products that you can pay a flat fee to be used. Alternatively, you may have specific products that you would prefer to be used.

This leads to the interaction your cleaner will have with your home, furnishings and belongings - is there anything that needs to be handled carefully or avoided? Do you have any quirks in your home that an outsider would need to know about? Do any of the doors lock once they are closed, or is there a window that sticks? This is all valuable information for a cleaner.

What does a cleaner do?

A cleaner’s role can be to maintain your home, but it can also be to carry out a deep clean of certain appliances, furnishings or even windows. This can be as an add-on to the regular cleaning plan or as a one-off visit. This can be completely personalised to catered to specific needs, depending on what level of service each room required.

One of the best things about is a cleaner is that they can be responsible for a variety of tasks. They can be responsible for tidying - including washing dishes, taking out bins and arranging furnishings - as well as cleaning surfaces, floors and glass.

A deep-clean can range from the professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning to descaling a kettle.

How much does it cost to hire a cleaner?

Cleaning services are priced by the hour at a flat rate. If a deep-clean is requested, the invoice will reflect a time and therefore price increase.

Plentific offers a home for you to compare prices for the best cleaning services in your area.

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Muz H.

Notes: 1 bed flat. 1 room carpeted the rest is hardwood. Existing tenants will be moving out on 24th Feb so will need to be done on the 25th Feb AM as new tenants arrive in the afternoon. Best price please.

Amanda S.

The house has 2 reception rooms, kitchen, 2 bedrooms upstairs,1 bathroom, stairs. Could you please give me a quote to thoroughly clean this?

Roberto V.

Concierge notes: Customer has got 6 large sash windows, 2 small windows on a first floor apartment they will like cleaned.

Latest Cleaner Reviews

by Parice L.
I can Highly recommend Nas, i had some problems with my bathroom, a few leaks because the bathroom was not installed correctly. Nas came took a look and fixed it pretty quick. My bath was leaking in three places, nas fixed it and said he would not charge me for the labour, only the parts, which i thought was so kind of him. Nas had even wiped his shoes on my door mat before entering my place (which not a lot of construction men do on arrival) . Nas also said he would wait a few days before sending payment req through just to make sure no leaks would reappear, and if anything resurfaced he would come back! Again thank you Nas
by Mr L.
Home cleaning: Crystal Property Cleaning Ltd have cleaned my home for several years and would highly recommend their services.
by Cecile S.
Great job, service and communication! Would highly recommend!
by Irene G.
Three Shires Property Services provided a quote quickly for a job many other companies didn't even reply to. Joe was superb at providing options and matching exactly the parquet flooring already in place. John ( Three Shires ) who carried out the work was a hard worker, polite, tidy and prompt and the resulting parquet floor infill was perfect.